I manage a 63 unit resort. As it ages, freshening of the interior painting has been required.

Over the past several 5 years, I have selected Riemann. As a local company, I have found their work to be of a consistent quality. Yet most importantly, large projects that will naturally have a few redo’s have always been redone. The foreman with whom I’ve done “walk throughs” have always made right was was not quite right. I appreciated their commitment to excellence.

The clean up afterwards, another sore spot with Customers like me, has also been done to my satisfaction.

I would recommend Riemann, and their project team, for large painting projects.

Paul, Manager at Northstar

We have worked with Riemann Painting for 30 years. They have an extensive knowledge of all aspects of the painting industry. Riemann’s is a dependable contractor that consistently not only meets but exceeds our expectations on every job. They are courteous and respective to all people on site, and always deliver a quality product in a timely manner. We would highly recommend Riemann Paining for any of your painting needs.

Orion Bennett, Border Holdings Ltd